About Oceanside Naturals

Our Mission

Provide high-quality handmade soap using natural and sustainable ingredients.

We Believe that skin-irritating detergents, unnecessary chemicals, and artificial colorants have NO place in good soap. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Your skin absorbs and reacts to the products you apply. Nourish your skin with natural ingredients and ditch the toxins and chemicals that are found in most store-bought products. Seek natural and safe alternatives!

Meet Rebecca

Soapmaking started out as a hobby for me. I have always been a creative type so of course browsing the local craft store was common pit stop. As I perused the aisles I found a melt and pour soap making kit and thought that it would be a fun project. I made my first few soaps and thought it was fun and for a couple years I played around making soap here and there, giving soaps away as holiday gifts. During those years I started to learn about all the chemicals and yuckies that are found in food, soap, cosmetics, etc. I began searching for alternatives to processed foods, household cleaning products, and more.

In 2014 I put more focus on soapmaking and created a melt and pour soap blog to post tutorials and recipes. I enjoyed making soap so much I fantasized about starting a handmade soap business. In 2015 I joined a ton of soapmaking groups on Facebook and began learning at rapid pace. I couldn't get enough and I decided that I had to realize my dream and become an entrepreneur.

I strive to provide high quality soap superior to what is found at most stores. I want to educate everyone about why handmade soap is better than mass produced detergent soap. I focus my intentions on making soap with high quality ingredients, and avoiding unnecessary chemicals, fillers, or unnatural additives. Once you try a bar made by Ocean Naturals Soap you'll realize what you have been missing.

Clean & Green

We're committed to protecting the environment. All our decisions keep Mother Earth in consideration.

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Quality Ingredients

We use fresh, local, and organic ingredients when possible, and NO synthetic colorants whatsoever.

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Giving Back

Earth first. We donate a percentage of all sales revenue to environmental charity in addition to other efforts.

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