Clean & Green

We believe in protecting our Earth and the humans and animals that rely on it. We’re committed to environmental stewardship seriously. We’re still in our humble beginnings and we have a plan and goal to continually improve our efficiency and keep our environmental impact low. We plan to give back to our planet whenever possible. We will remain conscious of how our products and business practices interact with the environment. We will work to make a positive impact on the planet instead.

Some of our efforts include

  • Avoiding plastic in packaging when feasible
  • Utilizing post-consumer recycled paper and bio-degradable inks whenever possible
  • Minimizing the use of fragrance to only a fraction of products
  • Avoiding the use of synthetic and lab colorants
  • Not testing any products on animals
  • Avoiding unethically harvested ingredients like palm oil and sandalwood essential oil.
  • Contributing a percentage of all revenue to environmental charity