High Quality & Natural Ingredients

We take our ingredients seriously. Every ingredient that goes into our soap has a specific purpose and benefit for you. Soap is created using 3 basic ingredients – oils and butters, water (or other liquid), and sodium hydroxide (lye). These 3 ingredients, when combined, create a chemical reaction and the final product is SOAP! NO lye and minimal water remain when the process is completed and the soaps have fully cured. The final soap does retain some excess oils and butters which help create a mild soap that doesn’t dry out your skin.

  • No SLS, SLES, or other skin-irritating detergents.
  • No artificial or synthetic colorants.
  • Only a fraction of our products use fragrance. Most feature natural essential oils instead.

Handmade Soap vs. Commercial Soap

There are some major differences here. Your typical commercial soap is stripped of the natural glycerin byproduct during the soapmaking process. Manufacturers can make more profit by selling the glycerin separately. Plus they add in detergents and filler ingredients to increase lather and further increase their profit margins while keeping their soap cheap. And you get what you pay for – cheap. In fact, some commercial bars stray so far from the definition of true soap, they are likely not even labeled as “soap.”

Handmade soap is far superior. Typically handcrafted soap retains all of the natural glycerin produced in the process which makes the soap much less drying. Most handmade soaps also do not contain any detergents, lathering agents, or harmful chemicals. Every soapmaker has different recipes, preferences, and beliefs. Read the labels and check the ingredients!