Frequently Asked Questions

Why Handmade Soap?

There are so many benefits to using handmade soap and a lot of differences between the soap detergent you buy at the grocery, Walmart, or dollar store. Most commercially available soap isn’t actually soap anymore because it’s been so heavily processed, had the skin nourishing glycerin removed, and made with detergents and chemical foaming/lathering agents. Our handmade soap is true soap. We NEVER add detergents or lathering agents such as SLS or SLES. We NEVER add lab color or dyes. We do offer some soaps with fragrance added, but most of our collections are made with essential oils or completely unscented.

Will your soap help with my skin or medical condition?

Legally, I can’t tell you that my soap will help with any condition. The FDA outlines that claims like this need to be backed up with research and clinical trials. Even if a certain ingredient in my soap is well known to have certain effects or any healing properties, I can’t say that my soap will impart those same benefits. Most handmade soapmakers know that it’s a no-no to make claims like this. Any medical claims made would classify the product as a drug and would require a lot of additional testing, labeling, warnings, FDA approval, etc. If a soapmaker claims that their soap, scrub, lotion, or balm will help with your eczema, psoriasis, etc., you should be see “Drug Facts” on their labels and they should be able to provide clinical trial results. The FDA has these guidelines and laws to protect consumers. For more info, click here.

Why don’t all your soaps have fragrance?

Fragrance oils are created in a laboratory with synthetic and natural fragrance chemicals. While fragrances may smell amazing, they really aren’t the best for your health. Synthetic aroma chemicals, fragrances, or perfume can disrupt your natural hormones, cause skin irritation, induce headaches or migraines, contribute to sniffles and sneezes, or even provoke asthma attacks. Some people aren’t bothered by fragrances but many people are sensitive. For more info, click here.

Our goal is to promote natural and healthy alternatives to most commercially available soap, so that’s why we offer mostly soaps that are synthetic & fragrance free.

Why don’t your soaps use palm oil?

Palm oil is usually not sustainably or responsibly harvested. Majority of palm oil is created by farming palm, which involves tearing down precious biodiverse tropical forests and ruining the habitats of indigenous species. This extensive deforestation is pushing many species to extinction, and if this continues species like the orangutan could become extinct in the wild within the next 5-10 years, and Sumatran tigers less than 3 years. For more info: Say No to Palm Oil / World Wildlife Fund 

Is there Lye in your Soap?

All true soap is made by a chemical reaction between oils and lye (sodium hydroxide). Without lye, you just have a bowl of coconut and olive oil. When water and lye are introduced to the oils, they begin to undergo a chemical reaction called saponification. After this reaction, all of the sodium hydroxide and most of the oils are converted into a solid bubbly bar known as soap! No lye remains in the final bar. In fact, all our formulations have additional skin-nourishing oils and butters so that our soaps don’t dry out your skin.

If a soapmaker says they do NOT use lye to make their soap, then either they use pre-made melt and pour soap base (in which the saponification process has already taken place) or they are simply being untruthful.

I keep seeing “sodium hydroxide” in your ingredients list; what is that?

Sodium Hydroxide is also known as lye and is absolutely required to make soap. See the answer to the question right above this for more details.

How are products shipped?

After you complete your order, I’ll get a handy notification on my smart phone. Your order will be fulfilled and packaged within 2 business days and shipped as soon as possible. All orders are shipped via US Postal Service at this time. Once your order is in the hands of USPS, I have no control over when your package will be delivered. Usually the USPS is pretty good about providing updates via your tracking number. You should expect delivery within 2-5 days depending on where you live.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, Oceanside Naturals only ships soap to the United States. We believe it would be cost prohibitive to ship internationally and honestly, not very environmentally friendly. If you are outside the US and you want to use handmade soap, I highly recommend looking for a handmade soapmaker in your country! Support local economy and reduce environmental impact!